Chandler's Gun Shop and Shooting Ranges: Testimonials




I want to thank you so much for welcoming our McLennan County Home Educators 4-H Shooting Sports group to your range. You have done more for us than we could have ever expected. Allowing our group to use an air conditioned class room, Sponsoring our club, receiving our new firearms, offering support, advice and help at every turn. Lets not forget the wonderful indoor bathroom.

Thank you for allowing our children to be in a safe location to learn about firearms. One of our children's mom says quote "Alice had us when she was all for the Children"

Just a note on Alice's range "Children are called Children, not kids" Amen

Thanks again,

Lisa Limmer

McLennan County Home Educators 4-H Shooting Sports

Hi Carl,

Just wanted to let you, Bill and everyone else know what your class did for me and my daughter.

Because of the trauma that happened to her when she was raped, my daughter had completly lost her sense of self protection. She hasn't been able to sleep in her bed, by herself, in the dark, since June 26th. After attending your class and receiving the information, training and experiencing some of the forms of self defense you all taught her she has gained back an enormous amount of her self-confidence. So much so, that for the first time since June 26th she was able to sleep by her self in her own bed last night.

There are no words adequate that would express my thanks and deep gratitude. You don't know how hard it has been on me to see my daughter, a once independant, self-confident young woman, tramatized so much as to become childlike again and unable to spend one night in bed by herself. Can you imagine what that was like for her too? For her to know that she was sleeping with her "mommy" again like some 4 year old! She did not want ANYONE to find that out, and she was not happy with herself.

With your class, you have restored back the faith she had in herself, and some form of normalacy back to my family (albeit that my family consists only of me and my daughter).

You truly are a God send to me and my family, I am so glad to have met you and Bill, and look forward to feeling a continued presence of you in our lives.

Thank you seems so inadequate, but Thank You Carl, and may God richly bless you in all that you do. You are in our prayers for your upcoming surgery, and I know your work is not over here yet, so go with confidence that God will direct the surgeons hands and all will be well. If you feel comfortable with it, would you let us know what hospital and the day you'll be there, I'd like to send some flowers to you.

We look forward to seeing you soon, and will you tell Bill that we send our Thanks to him as well, and we both feel blessed by the love and concern he so feely gave to us.

What a bunch of nice men, I am proud to know you all...tell Alice we both said Hi too.....

from Jan

From: Marcy Prager
Sent: Saturday, August 09, 2003 6:31 PM
Subject: Troop 380 Boy Scout Visit

Carl, I want to thank you again for sharing your expertise and enthusiasm with Ben, Matt, and Mat. They learned a new respect for not only guns and safety, but the importance of giving back to scouting. They were very chatty on the way home and couldn't't wait to share their experiences with the rest of the troop.

I believe that someone will be contacting you from our troop to schedule a time to bring out the troop on a Saturday for a day of learning and sharing.

I have begun to post on our website the pictures we took yesterday. Please stop by and visit the site. Over the coming week, I will be doing some additional updates as well. Our website is I will also send you via post, some of the pictures we took in the Gun Shop.

How was the TV coverage of our visit? I hope to be able to contact the news station and get a copy to share with the boys and the rest of the troop.

Again thank you for your generosity. I gained a new respect for guns, safety and service to community. I count myself very blessed to have met you.

Marcy Prager

Recently, I had decided that it was time to take the Concealed Carry Course, which is a requirement in order to be licensed here in Texas. I got in touch with Carl C. Chandler, who owns and operates " Texas Armed Citizen Training Academy "on the Chandler Ranch. At the Chandler Ranch you will also find the Lone Star gun range, and the Mark V Gun shop, all located in Bosque county, just a few miles outside of Waco. Carl is a Texas peace officer with over 31 years experience, and 29 years experience instructing specialized firearms training. Mr. Chandler is a certified instructor and has connections throughout the country in the Firearms Industry and Professional Law enforcement. He has addressed several concerns to the state regarding the law and has had a major impact on getting revisions written.

Carl is Department of Public Safety certified, and offers a one day program for citizens wishing to be licensed by the state of Texas to carry a concealed weapon. Oh,Boy! All kinds of state regulations and paperwork. Not to worry. Carl knows what he is doing. Carl can complete your packet as fast as you can complete the training. This really is a hassle free way to handle this training.

Well, Carl say's he is the best and I soon learned he has very good reason to say so. The day started out at 8:00 am. Upon arriving at the ranch I was greeted by Alice, and had a moment to meet the other students. We then went in to begin the classroom part of our instruction. We were made to feel at home in the relaxed setting, the coffee was hot and smelled great. Carl began the instruction by reading some different facts about incidents in which society has benefited from licensed armed citizens. He also read about an incident in which a citizen abused his license and was convicted. I was impressed with Carl's knowledge of the law. He reviewed the D.P.S. training manual for this course, with us and translated the government jargon into simplified "Cowboy English". After the instruction we were required to take a written exam. The test was easy after listening to Carl explain the law to us in a language that I could understand.

Next, we headed to the range, which is only about a rocks throw from where we held class, to complete the firing portion of our certification. Carl gave us some extra safety instruction, and a tip or two on nailing the X-ring and we then proceeded to shoot. First we fired 20 rounds at 3 yards, hey, I know what you are thinking, but most conflicts occur at this range. We then fired 20 rounds at 7 yards and last we fired 10 rounds at 15 yards. You must score a 175 out of 250 points. Most of Carl's students score an average of 240, even people who are not avid shooters. All of us qualified with a semi-automatic in .32 cal or larger(.45 acp for me, because I am a love sick puppy for my 1911)which is the state requirement. You may shoot a revolver, but Carl recommends shooting the semi-auto because if you qualify with the revolver you will only be allowed to carry a revolver. If you qualify with a semi-auto you may carry either or both. After the testing and shooting we went inside where we signed the official documents, were fingerprinted, and photographed. Since this is a State mandated 10-hour course, Carl also provides a great (Hot) meal & free sodas, water, cookies etc...

All in all it was a good day and a great time. I was surprised at amount that I had learned in such a short time. Carl offers a lot of different training courses at the ranch, including: Law enforcement classes, Firearms training, VIP protection, and the "Triple Threat Martial Arts" training. I will be writing on these other courses in the near future, so check out Carl in the months to come.

Carl C. Chandler or Alice Chandler may be reached at: 1-800-527-2403. They can help you with many needs. Also remember, that they are a full service gun shop and provide an inexpensive place to shoot as well. If you are worried about going to one of these classes as a beginner, keep in mind that all of the students are considered to be "Very Important People" by both Carl and Alice and it is reflected in both the instruction and handling of the state required forms.

Concerned Citizen

I've been a gun club member for many years now, ever since I took my first CHL course from Carl. I've spent many a pleasant hour at the range enjoying shooting and the wide variety of nice folk who come to Carl's place like I do.

Over the years I've learned a lot of self defense techniques from Carl -- everything from awareness training to advanced firearm techniques. One of the best things I ever learned though was a lesson in how to use the best defensive weapon available.

One day I had gone to the store for some items I needed for a repair at the house. I was in a hurry, so I didn't bother to pick up my concealed carry handgun. I made my purchase at the store and was headed back to my truck when I noticed a slow moving car. This car was filled with several rough looking men who were coming up the aisle the wrong direction and clearly watching me intently. I quickly surmised that they were up to no good; it was a good thing that Carl taught me just how to handle such a situation. I quickly plotted an escape route and then used a little ruse to avoid an assault. I knew that I was unarmed, but I also knew that they didn't know that. I made a very clear motion with my right arm as though I were going to draw a weapon from the small-of-the-back holster. At the same time I "stared down" the driver. Every eye in the car quickly grew wide open --- they hit the gas and left the parking lot in a hurry.

I had avoided a potentially dangerous situation by using the most valuable defensive weapon available --- knowledge. I encourage you to come out to Carl's and learn some valuable lessons of your own. It might just save your life.

Bill O.
Temple, Texas

"As a career Educator with over 25-years Experience, I thought I knew what I was doing with Firearms. I've been shooting since my teen years, but didn't realize the Tactical Advantages of Firearms knowledge, until I met up with and began to Train and Educate with Carl Chandler, at Law Enforcement Educators and Texas Armed Citizen Training Academy"

25 Year Professor at a Big 12 University

"I've been in the Army (Rangers), been through a major California Police Academy and degrees in Criminal Justice, but never got the (full jest) of Deadly Force/ Survival Training, until I Trained with Carl Chandler, and completed his (very thorough) Tactical Survival Courses. Trust me, YOU will be a Survivor when you have had this enlightened Training!"

Former Army Ranger, Police Officer, Emergency Management

"As a female Assistant District Attorney in McLennan County, I guess I thought I was pretty smart. I found out after Education and Training with Carl Chandler that I wasn't so very smart. I learned that a handgun I had been carrying for protection for over two-years, didn't even function properly, which wouldn't probably have mattered anyway, because before training with Carl (I don't really believe) I had the understanding of just how real, protecting your own life can get, and in a flash of a second. I now understand and am aware of personal protection and actually have a handgun that functions"

Was A Little Slow, But I Got The Message (Thanks to Carl)

"I was a male Police Cadet, attending a Dallas area Police Academy. Myself and a female cadet were just not passing on the Firing Range. We were very frustrated, scared of flunking out and at our wits end, when an enlightened friend told us about Carl Chandler over in Valley Mills. We were told that Carl is a Specialist in Firearms Training, and even Trains and Educated Firearms Instructors, and that a visit to him would probably get us the instant help that we needed. We drove down to Waco and over to Valley Mills at his Training Facility and Gun Range, where Carl personally provided us the correct stance, grip, sight alignment and sight picture that we just simply were not understanding at our Academy. Needless to say, we are both Police Officers now, serving and protecting, in the Metroplex" "Thank you Carl, we'll never forget you!"

Two Rookie Cops in Dallas, Texas

"As a mature female, who has recently lost her husband to a heart attack, I found myself, living alone for the first time in over 40 years. I felt like I needed to learn how to protect myself. Some friends who had taken Carl Chandlers Concealed Carry Course, suggested that I call him and talk about my feelings. Carl was a DEAR! His mother had also lost her mate and had gone through the same feelings of inadequacy I was feeling. Carl talked me into rounding up some of my other (widowed friends) and he came over to our neighborhood association meeting and provided us with a full array of information about, home security, the laws of Texas as pertaining to Self Defense and our Rights as Citizens to Defend Our Lives and Homes. Carl explained to us "how a Criminal operates, what are his motives, and how the Criminal Thinks and Behaves. It was information that we had never received even at our Citizens on Patrol Courses. Wow, his kindness and knowledge have given us a new lease on life"

Eight Concerned Female Citizens, Waco, Texas

"Carl Chandler teaches everything from S.W.A.T. TEAM TACTICS to first time shooters and everything in-between. If you want a truly well rounded Firearms and Survival Education, this is The Place. Knowledgeable Instructors, Patience, Candor and Ability would describe Carl Chandlers and his Instructors."

Baylor University, Professor

"A Discount Gunshop, knowledgeable proprietor, a Full-Service: Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun Range, a fun Gun Club, and ALL on a Country premise. Hey, why would you even look anywhere else. Oh yeah, check out the great benefits of Gun Club Membership."

Waco Business Owner

"We've trained elsewhere, spent big $$$money on travel and training, but we found that Carl Chandler (right here) in Central Texas, provides World Class Firearms training and education. A total hands-on approach to focused education with firearms, beginner to master, and at fees you and I can afford."

2-cops from the Metroplex are True Believers in Chandlers' Schools

"Our Team of Security Professionals trained with Chandlers S.T.E.P. AGENT/BODYGUARD TEAM in Memphis, Tennessee at their Board of Higher Education licensed College, back in the early 1990's and now again at his Law Enforcement Educators in Texas" "You will recieve cutting edge training and knowledge directly from the streets". When you have Chandlers' diplomas on your walls, professionals know that "You Know" what your doing!

International Security Professionals

The Training experience at Carl Chandlers' Firearms Academy was immensely assuring, "a real confidence builder" to my wife and I. Surviving the Deadly Ordeal is now within our grasp, should it occur.

Married Couple from Dallas, Texas

We enjoyed the (3-day) Training and Education Tactical Training that Carl Chandler provided. We never saw such a support group of talented, patient, knowledgeable Instructors, keeping every event (lined out) and under control. Experience really does show!

Two Business Executives Learning Anti-Terrorism Tactics for our World Travels

Mr. Chandler, Your Courses are well run, a choreography of timing and procedure! I found them insightful, extremely tactical and logistically practical, as well as thoroughly and thoughtfully instructed. As an educator of over 20 years, I can truthfully say, "You really know your stuff, and experience does show in your methodology". I, and my peers will return for more education.

Career Educator, University Professor

I want to thank the multi-talented Team of Instructors at Law Enforcement Educators, USA, for the high caliber of Training and Education provided me and my fellow Officer's. I am an 18 year veteran, shift commander with a major metropolitan Police Department, who knows my Officer's need more skills than were taught in our Academy. I have sought out several training avenues and found your Facility to be the, most affordable, most knowledgeable, most credentialed, educational facility. Carl Chandler and his orchestrated team of Professional Instructors provide us with the in-service training required by the state, but furthermore provide us with real world experiences and encounters, duly recorded and re-enacted, showing our Officer's the applicability and tactical resources necessary to survive the real world encounters of today Police forces. The Courses are hands-on, and the students are drilled to advanced stages of development, in skill levels and knowledge about potential threat levels and engagement procedures. There was minimal down-time, as experienced in other schools, and the ones we got were highly appreciated, because we were pushed to the edge of our limits...

We are booking a year ahead to make sure we get seats in the new 2003 Training Schedule, because there are courses there not offered anywhere else!

Captain of Police, Command

Chandler, your course on Active Shooter/Spree Shooter was outstanding. Your non-regimented Tactical format is without question what would have saved many lives at Columbine, High School and other situations where the Special Ops./ S.W.A.T. teams have taken to much time in information gathering, rather than taking the aggressive stance, that you train, and going in "with the special knowledge you provided my guy's, and doing what needed to be done". The entire team had a response to your mental format, that improved our moral, intensified our need to train, while moving and shooting, tactical intense reloads and the other processes that you taught us. Thanks!


I have been to many a course where I was shown a tactic, but no-one but you appeased my questioning mind "as to why I would use that particular approach, the benefit's, pros and cons". You not only taught and explained the dynamics of tactical process, but you also demonstrated prolifically the many maneuvers that can be made from the correct stance, the correct flashlight hold, etc... The wealth of knowledge imparted by you and your team was worth a fortune, yet the course was affordable, simple to grasp, easy to master the format, and easy to do. The program actually resolved some of our teams tactical problems that have been a consistent and recurring nightmare in our tactical maneuvers and night problem, training scenarios. It is really nice to meet a man, not flowing with the currently accepted standards, but actually setting new standards, himself. And I might add, standards that work in the real world, where of course, we all do our business...

International Personal Protection Specialist

During my 28-years as a Federal (employee), I have trained extensively with many agencies across the world, both Law Enforcement and Military. I have also trained at 5 of the "better known" and advertised schools across the nation.

I heard about Chandler's Training Program many years ago, and it seems that I just kept hearing about something else that he was doing and always at the cutting edge of knowledge and practical tactics.

I had this picture in mind of these cowboy boots wearing Texans, chewing tobacco and such. Well, I was partially wrong! I showed up for an Advanced Tactical (Run & Shoot) course and was greeted by Carl Chandler in wrangler jeans, a big DPS belt buckle and was instantly taken by the very friendly, yet very bright and articulate nature of this man. It soon became apparent that I had severely underestimated the big picture.

When class time came about, there was Chandler in full SWAT gear as were his very attentive team of instructors. Whew, these were "all men". Big boys, 6' plus, all over 200 lbs. and all built like fullbacks and linemen. I found out Carl would just about as soon kill a criminal as look at him, and has done so, several times! Well, so much for my world traveled bravado... I was among a group of men who work like a German clock. They will tell you that their mission is to provide each student with "skills and knowledge" that can be added to your toolbox of defensive measures, that can be added to and built upon by continuing education, and that each person is trained according to his particular needs and skill level. I quickly learned that my skill level was not "where I thought it was". These instructors, operating just "over the hill from the Texas Whitehouse", mostly Professor's, Ph.D.s , College Instructors, Military Specialists and Upper Echelon Law Enforcement, taught me some tactics and mental process that I had never been privy to in all of my worldly ventures in training. I will never again underestimate people before I personally meet them. I found that Carl Chandler, although highly decorated and been in some deadly shootouts and buried some partners, has mostly worked, quietly behind the scenes, bodyguarding the stars of Nashvillle and Hollywood and policing the mean streets of Houston. Carl is associated with more fraternal Law Enforcement and Police Instructor affiliations than I guess I knew existed.

When you see the word Educators in their title, it is there for a reason. They Educate and Train you to skills and knowledge you need to know to survive!

Thought I Knew It All,

It is always amazing to meet a True Professional who is not using the same slogans, and methods as the other instructors and schools. Law Enforcement Educators, USA, is truly an enigma unto itself. I've always said that no-one should try to re-invent the wheel, yet I believe Carl Chandler, Chief Instructor and his very bright, articulate Staff of Instructors, mostly Ph.D.s, are in many instances doing just that! The Tactical Training and Education both, in the classroom and on the Range and Mats, is uncompromisingly, the best I have ever experienced, and I am world traveled and trained, former military Lt. Colonel (retired), and have taught college for over 15-years. Education really can be an exciting experience when provided by True Professionals"...

Lt. Colonel, Owens

In educational circles, Carl Chandler and his Team of Instructors, are without rival. A dedicated group of Professional Educators, College Professors, Ph.D.s, and Military and Law Enforcement professionals, all lending their special talents to the whole. The course content is always "cutting-edge", current, tactically oriented with an end result being, Knowledge and Skills enhanced, toward a safer more capable student. If results are a denominator in the effectiveness of a School and Instructors, I've found mine".

retired, Lt. Colonel, (female) K. Miller

I took my first course at Law Enforcement Educators, USA, in 1999, and have since taken (6) advanced tactical courses, with Carl Chandler and his Staff. A staff, I might add who posses, acumen, personable in nature, strict in discipline, with the ability to relay information in a format that is not only "understandable, but also, easy to digest, correlate and remember". I've been in many an educational setting, and I respect the informal, yet highly practical setting and decorum used by the Instructors at L.E.E., and will continue to receive my continuing education, with Carl Chandler and his Team of Pro's.

Attorney, J.L. Houston, Texas

Wow, talk about riveting, attention gaining, instructional presentation! Carl Chandler, Chief Instructor at Law Enforcement Educators, USA, is dynamic in personality and his delivery of the definitive knowledge he invokes. I am a devotee of Tactical Firearms and Personal Protection training, and have found my fountain of knowledge with Carl Chandler at Law Enforcement Educators, home of the Tactical Firearms Instructors Training Academy, and Texas Armed Citizen Training Academy. Whether you are a civilian, lawman or professional, you will be treated with the utmost in respect, regardless of your knowledge or proficiency level. You 'will be, Trained and Educated' Why would anyone go elsewhere?

John Mc., Dallas Metro Police Supervisor, 20 years exp.

I have never seen such levels of education. A first time shooter, first time gun buyer or full blown S.W.A.T. TEAM specialist, can all find numerous courses that will enhance their knowledge and skills abilities. Talk about A-toZ, Law Enforcement Educators, under the Directorship of Carl Chandler, Criminologist and master in Deadly Force/Self Defense, can provide all levels of Training. The list of courses is mind boggling and the instructional content is "cutting edge". No "old school" methods or mentality at this Academy. Also, their list of clients also resembles the Who's Who of Hollywood, Nashville and a cadre of all walks of Law Enforcement, from Federal Agencies to State, County and Municipal. You simply never know who you will see or get to meet at their Facility.

CEO, International Corporation, J.P. Townsend

It has become a recent "specialty" of many firearms Instructors and Schools, to "Train Airline Pilots and Crew", since the horrific events of Sept. 11th.

Carl Chandler has provided Training and Education, for Pilots and Airlines for over 20 years. Chandler, who has over the years, worked in the Administrative end of Training and Education at several airports, with both foreign and domestic flights. Chandler devoted much time and effort at gaining knowledge and procedures that will affectively avert "disasters" aboard in-flight airplanes. The Courses now taught at Law Enforcement Educators, USA, are not a new concept, but a Program of progressive, and added dimensions as time and renovations to airplanes have evolved. My respect is with the ones who were always there, maybe behind the curtains, but always there, in charge, making the world a safer place, and airlines a safer pathway to travel. Thanks Carl, always the Professional! I seek another 20-years as your friend and confidante.

CEO Major International Airlines

So many misconceptions, so many wives-tale, so much bunk, going around the nation about firearms and self-defense. I have to admit, I first approached Carl Chandler, who claimed to be a specialist in many fields, with a closed mind, expecting the worst!

Boy was I surprised! Carl's indomitable spirit and effervescent personality took me totally by surprise. Also, his merits and decorations, affiliations and associations are all hanging, literally on the walls of the western motif' Gunshop, or as Chandler calls it the FUNshop! I took my Texas Concealed Carry Course with Carl and have since taken three other courses, that have all enhanced my skills and knowledge of firearms. I feel more confident walking around the world, with the skills I have in my self defense toolbox.

Me, the unbelieving, the unconvincable, have found a place I now call my Gun Club. Oh well, it's good to be wrong, when it's Right!

Robin, Central Texas, Business Executive

I have a personal history with Carl Chandler, dating back to the mid-1970's. Chandler's highly respected Security Training Academy, provided State certified "armed commissioning" for my International Security Corporation. I watched Carl's portfolio grow over the years, as chief of police, chief of detective, SWAT team assignment and major crime task force assignments. I watched him gain status in Memphis, TN., as a Post-Secondary College for Bodyguards/Law Enforcement/Security Guards and Civilians, watched him gain first national and then international recognition through his diligent and professional training of Firearms and Self Defense. I know for a fact that he has trained individuals, teams and agencies from over 191 nations, a feat that few educational institutions can boast! Carl is licensed/certified by literally every known state, national and international entity that involves itself in the promulgation of Firearms and Self-Defense/Personal Protection, knowledge and education. Carl, thanks for the many years of insightful Training and Education, consultation and just down-right factual interpretations of the worlds goings-on!

Former, Metropolitan Chief of Police, Texas

As a team of Special Operations, our main objectives in life (when not on a horrific, in-progress scene) is to gain the correct gear needed in our profession, and to train and educate. Chandler was our answer to all the above criteria! A discount gunshop, known far and wide as the place for cops and agencies to purchase the needed equipment and firearms for our job, the shooting range, with no-limitations, shooting from our vehicles, behind our mobile tactical unit, sniper towers, forest areas to track, etc... and of course valuable insight into national and international trends, methods and accountability. Carl's licensed and associated by everyone that matters in our Special Ops. Police field. Carl, thanks for the special attention to our many and sometimes "pushy" needs!

Special Operations Team, Gulf Coast Law Enforcement

My name is Patrick Wright; I was part of the 2-5 CAV Personal Security Detail that trained with you in May of 2004.  I would like to start off by thanking you for the training that we were able to receive from you and your staff.  You'll be happy to know that the training we received is being put to good use here in Iraq, in protecting our principles.  I am writing to thank you....the training that I rececived from you and your staff, along with my military expericence helped me to secure a position ion the police department in my home town when I am finished with this deployment.
SPC Patrick Wright
2nd BN 5th Cavalry (PSD)